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On this page you will find directions to Stockton Masonic Hall whether you are travelling via the A19 or A66. Further down the page you will find information about the local history of Stockton on Tees as well as our neighbouring towns of Middlesbrough, Darlington, Hartlepool, Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, including London from which the Lodge of Philanthropy which built Stockton Masonic Hall is materially linked

Directions to the building

Travelling North along the A19 approaching Middlesbrough, as you pass the Exit signposted Thornaby Acklam A1130 get into the left hand lane, then get into the left hand lane for the A66. Follow the sign for A66 Darlington / Stockton, then keep left following the A66 Stockton sign. Then follow the sign for Thornaby - Stockton - Airport - Darlington - A66 then follow directions marked ( * ) below

Travelling South along the A19 follow the signpost for The South A19 - Darlington - Middlesbrough A66 you will drive over the River Tees fly-over bridge. As you come to the Apex of the bridge you will see a signpost with a lower marking Middlesbrough A66 and above this signposted Darlington A66. Get into the left hand lane. Drive past the Middlesbrough A66 exit and be ready to take the Darlington A66 exit which you can approach quite quickly before you realise it is there, so be warned! Take the Darlington A66 exit signposted Ston Dton A66. Then follow the sign for Thornaby - Stockton - Airport - Darlington - A66 then follow directions marked ( * )below

Travelling west along the A66 follow the signpost marked Thornaby - Stockton - Airport - Darlington - A66, then follow directions marked ( * )below

( * ) Take the exit marked Stockton (West) Yarm A135. Standard 300 - 200 - 100 yard markers indicate the approach of this exit. As you take this exit the road splits into two lanes, get into the right hand exit lane. At the bottom of the exit ramp there is a roundabout interchange marked Stockton A135. Making a right hand turn around the interchange, Follow the sign for Stockton A135 travelling under the A66 roadway. Now follow the directions marked ( # ) below

Travelling along the A66 heading East take the exit sliproad signposted Stockton (West) Yarm A135. At the bottom of the sliproad take the first left hand exit Signposted Stockton A135. Now follow the directions marked ( # ) below

( # ) Now travelling along Yarm Road. Through one set of traffic lights, as you approach a second set of lights get into the right hand lane, and travel straight on through these lights. As you approach the T junction at the end of Yarm Road get into the right hand lane, and at the traffic lights make a right hand turn Signposted Stockton Centre A135, turning into Yarm Lane. Get into the left hand lane, and at the mini roundabout take the first left hand exit Signposted Billingham - Norton - Hospital North Tees - Stockton Centre. Straight through the next set of traffic lights, and at the second set of lights turn Left into Wellington Street. Stockton Masonic Hall is on the corner. Turn left past the building, then left again, then left again into our car park.

Left Map showing A19 / A66 Junction -----------------Right map showing A66 / A135 Stockton (West) Exit

Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


The following links are a brief history of our local area, written mainly by Tim Lambert with various sections written by web master Dave Hodgson. I gratefully acknowledge Tim Lambert's work and make a special thank you to Tim for allowing me to reproduce the work on this web site. Tim Lambert has produced some fascinating material on the history of numerous parts of the UK including other parts of the world. All freely available for viewing at www.localhistories.org. If you wish to reproduce any of Tim's work found on this site, please contact Tim Lambert via the previously mentioned web site for permission first. Any material indicated as created by myself Dave Hodgson may be freely copied and distributed on the Internet so long as you acknowledge me as the author of such work, and include a link back to this page in recognition.

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